Expanding Your Horizons

By: Allison Rapaport, HospitalDreamJobs.com

Expanding Your Horizons

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has repeatedly stated that the healthcare industry will be one of the leading generators of new jobs over the next several years. Good news when so many jobs are being eliminated or shipped overseas. Obviously, as Baby Boomers continue to age, we will see an increased need for doctors, nurses and physical therapists. But we will also see major growth in medical technology and health information technology. So you need not be a med student to take advantage of the growing healthcare job pool.What you do need is the initiative to expand your current skills, embracing one of these emerging areas.

Design engineers with a background in research and development should keep an eye on the increasingly sophisticated medical technology that is used to diagnose, monitor or treat various conditions and diseases. Working alongside MDs, cardiologists and other specialists, designers of medical technology have a bright future ahead of them. What could be more fulfilling than using your technological know-how to help improve the quality of life for others?

Software engineers will also do well as health information technology continues to develop. Also referred to as Health Information Networks and Health Information Exchanges, Health Information Technology most commonly refers to the exchange of medical records between formerly unconnected electronic systems in unrelated entities such as public health offices, hospitals and clinics. They are touted as systems that will decrease administrative costs for providers while improving the quality of healthcare for patients. There are networks in place in various states but no state or federal regulations govern the exchange of medical records. Several organizations are working towards a nationwide, regulated network which will by necessity require systems to change and grow, thus creating more jobs.

As these tech-focused jobs increase, there will also be an increased need for experienced, reliable administrative support staff.

If you are fortunate enough to have a great job right now it doesn't hurt to keep your ear to the ground and expand your knowledge to include emerging trends. If you are seeking a job, there's no time like the present to embrace the future. Either way, here are a few resources to get you started: Get to know theAdvanced Medical Technology Association and follow the Nationwide Health Information Network.