High Demand Means Higher Pay for Web, Mobile Developers

By: Greg Scott Neuman

High Demand Means Higher Pay for Web, Mobile Developers

Today, one of the fastest–growing careers is web developer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for these professionals will be strong because the Internet has assumed such a prominent role in everyday life. Additionally, more services are offered online, which makes web developers important employees for many businesses.

While Internet use on laptops and desktops will certainly continue to expand, individuals who are interested in technology development can also choose to specialize in mobile Internet. According to a press release, the demand for mobile developers is also increasing.

A report by WANTED Analytics™ shows that throughout February, more than 19,000 job ads were placed for online mobile developers. In fact, the demand for applicants with mobile technology skills has increased by 295% since February 2010.

In order to land one of the many web and mobile developer jobs, applicants usually need an information technology (IT) bachelor’s degree – preferably with a specialty in web development. For some positions, a web development associate’s degree and/or demonstrated design skills may be acceptable. College videos are available that can help you find schools with top IT degree programs.