Is Your Partner Unhappy?

By: Sue Frederick, Author of I See Your Dream Job

Is Your Partner Unhappy?

He's got health problems that are getting worse by the day. He's distant, grumpy, non-communicative. He hates his job and his unhappiness is spilling over into family life. The kids feel it.

You feel it.Your partner is off-path and you want to help steer him back to his true self – to the work he came here to do. But how? You can barely manage your own career and taking care of the kids. And if he quits his job, you could lose the house.

Consider the possibility that you two have a soul agreement. When you met and fell in love you were setting your agreement into motion. It went like this: "We agree that when one of us forgets who we really are and what we came to this lifetime to accomplish, the other person will remind the one who gets off-path. We agree to help each other keep on path."

Now, here you are, living your complicated life, raising children, buying houses and cars, getting benefits, and completely forgetting the great work that's still buried in your soul – the work you came here to do. And everybody around you, on an unconscious level, knows it. Even the kids.

Perhaps your partner is on the 22/4 master soul path - here to do huge work to inspire and educate others. Yet he's stuck in the lower vibration of the 4 which is about the drudgery and hard work without seeing the big picture. He works 24/7 and never gets anywhere in his career.

Is there hope? You betcha...

Think of it this way: You may be playing the role of mother, father or bread winner right now. But that's just a costume your soul is wearing for a few big scenes in this lifetime. The higher self came here to dance. The higher self came here to use its gifts and talents to make the world a better place – and to rise above the pettiness of our "pitiful" thinking.

Stop encouraging this "pitiful" thinking – otherwise known as "desperation." Look at the depth and breath of your partner's soul journey. Meditate on his birth path journey and ask to feel the vibration of his true work so you'll understand how to guide him through this transition. See his innate gifts, and help him remember what he came here to do. Read books about his birth path and share the insights with him. Visit for more info.

That's how you would want to be supported if you were off-path. And that's what you agreed to do before this lifetime journey began.

So let's get to it. Try this daily affirmation: "I am helping my partner own up to his greatness and do what he came here to do. That's our agreement."

Empower and don't destroy. Inspire him to think of new solutions rather than sending negative thoughts or feelings his way – which will only hinder progress. Ask open-ended questions about dreams. Tell him he has a $5million gift from the universe but he must use the money to launch his career in a meaningful new direction. What would he do?

Be clear on your own path and what you came here to do. Be a model of someone who is doing their great work in the world – using innate talents to make the world a better place (and create abundance). Having a career that's in alignment with your own birth path may be the best way to help your partner.

Here are the questions to ask yourself:

1. How can I help my partner own up to his true birth path and realize that he must align this with his work to be happy?

2. What energetic cycle (personal year) is he in right now and how do I help him move through it? (For more info visit

3. Is my partner's work helping the world in any way? If not, how can it be tweaked so that it does?

4. What is the most powerful thing I can do or say to help him get back on path?

Sue Frederick, career intuitive, is the author of I See Your Dream Job.. For more info