Job Hunt Strategies for Americans with Disabilities

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Job Hunt Strategies for Americans with Disabilities

For the millions of Americans with disabilities in the workforce, like any job seeker, there are strategies you can employ to be most effective in your job search. The Recruiting Experts at America’s Job Exchange, specialists in diversity hiring candidates like job seekers with disabilities, offer some vital tips.

1. Should you disclose your disability? You may have a visible or non-visible disability so the decision to disclose is up to you. Ultimately, you should make hiring managers aware of any limitations that may impact how you perform the job. For instance, if a particular job requires a function that you are unable to perform it is best to disclose this right away. If you do decide to disclose a disability you do not need to outline your medical history. As with any job, the best rule of thumb is to make your limitations, if any, clear up front so that expectations are set early in the process.

2. Highlight your talents and experience. Americans with disabilities have the opportunity to compete for jobs as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Employers should not discriminate against disabled workers and many post jobs targeted to this group of the labor market. As with any job search, highlighting your skills and accomplishments is the best way to position you as a valuable asset to any corporation. When discussing your credentials to a hiring manager or highlighting them in a cover letter, it is also best to outline any accommodations you may require up front as well.

3. Look for any re-retaining programs for disabled in your community. Continuing education is a consideration for many as they embark on their job search, and for Americans with disability there are retraining programs available locally that may be of assistance. Contact organizations like the Americans with Disabilities National Network to find regional network centers that provide programs tailored to your specific needs.

4. Online recruitment. Finally, there is a lot of support to help you with your job search online. You can search for jobs, post your resume and access employers who are looking for candidates rich in talent, just like you. If you are not registered, register today at