Is Just Doing Your Job Good Enough?

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Is Just Doing Your Job Good Enough?

Even with unemployment showing signs of improvement, the jobless rate remains at an all–time high. Imagine how many of those jobs seekers are qualified to do your job. While your first instinct in a somewhat depressing jobs market may be to just muddle through, our experts stress that today a"good enough is good enough" attitude can prove detrimental to your career. Here are some things to consider that will help you stand out to your employer, say our recruiting experts.

Make sure you are recognized as a valuable member of your team. If your approach is to meet the bare minimum of your employer’s expectations, you will most certainly be viewed as an adequate employee. Unfortunately, in a competitive job market this is an ill–advised approach. What you want to be viewed as is an indispensable employee. While merely completing your daily workload may seem acceptable to you, if you can’t add value and meet higher expectations your manager can certainly find someone else who is capable of doing so.

Tackle your weaknesses head on. Most everyone has a tendency to lean towards activities that they like and excel at, and this is even more prevalent at work. While our experts do not suggest that you ignore all projects that you like in favor of those you do not, they do recommend that you approach your job holistically. Those work areas that prove most tedious should be the ones that you focus attention on daily. Since you were hired to perform a complete job, ignoring job responsibilities because you think you are not good at them or do not like them is not prudent.

Create your own opportunities. If you do not feel that your current position provides the motivation you need, explore other opportunities. Consider being re–assigned to a new role or position within the company. Volunteer for special projects that will enable you to grow and learn. Speak to your manager about potential opportunities elsewhere in the organization. Consider enrolling in company–wide training sessions, coaching or other programs that will help you improve in your current role, or provide access to a new one.

Set your own daily goals. Setting goals is one of the best ways to get motivated, say our experts. Goal setting can be as simple as writing a daily "to do" list to keep yourself organized, to challenging yourself by enrolling in a course that will enhance your career. Regardless of the goal, our experts note that goal setting is one of the best motivators to career success

Maintain a healthy attitude. A healthy attitude influences all aspects of your life, and is one of the most significant contributors to the way in which you perform your job. Tackling your daily work–life in a positive manner will not only help you do well and get along with your team – but also positions you as a team player. Everyone likes to be around happy people.

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