New Technologies Spawn New Professions

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

New Technologies Spawn New Professions

The advent of new technology platforms continues to spawn the creation of jobs that were not present the decade prior. From social media, to blogs and mobile apps, the rise in new technologies means job seekers are required to learn new skill sets and become familiar with new platforms and industries. While keeping up with these new trends can be daunting – as they continually shift – they may prove useful to explore in terms of firming up job prospects for today and tomorrow.

One of the largest growth areas today is social networking. Many businesses are incorporating social media strategies into their business planning and, as a result, are hiring dedicated staff to manage their online communities – or carving our these roles with their existing employees. Jobs in Social Media can include everything from a high–level strategist who directs a business on ways to leverage their social media presence, to the tactical management of social platforms. While many a young graduate is well–versed on the usage of social networks, being up–to–date on social media trends, including best practices in using it as a branding vehicle, or advertising and using the platform as a sale channel, is where the expertise and jobs potential lie. Since corporations are looking to capitalize on and monetize social media, these are good skills to acquire.

Along the lines of social media, Blogging is also another high growth area. While anyone can go online and build their own blog, businesses look to professionals who have core writing abilities – or the ability to tap into an online network – to help them build their own content and drive traffic to their websites. If you are good at writing or want to carve out a career in this field, blogging can prove useful. The benefits of blogging are that it can also be done outside of the traditional 9 to 5 realm; and can be pursued as a part–time endeavor, or an alternate source of income.

With the growth in usage of iOS and Android devices, the demand for mobile apps is also exploding which is driving the demand for App Developers. This field seeks programmers and developers who can assist companies to build mobile applications for countless uses, and spans a vast array of companies and industries.

As with apps, Cloud Computing is also another high growth area, with many companies looking for assistance in building out cloud–based applications. Professionals in this area need to be well–versed in the Internet, data management, and network and security architecture and virtualization technologies. If you are seeking employment in the IT field, an understanding of cloud computing will be beneficial to future job prospects.

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