I See Your Dream Job: Your New Year's Resolution

By: Sue Frederick, Author of 'I See Your Dream Job'

I See Your Dream Job: Your New Year's Resolution

Forget the "lose 5 pounds" and "stop drinking coffee" resolutions; this year, it's time to use the powerful energy of a new decade to finally do the work you came here to do. These six steps will help you launch your new-and-improved career, and move closer to your life's work.

1. This will be the year that you remember who you really are and leave the fear behind. You'll quiet your mind each day through prayer or meditation and tap into your highest self - like dipping into a deep pool of wisdom and inner guidance. There you'll recognize yourself as a divine energy being on a powerful mission intending to live up to your greatest potential by using your gifts to make a difference in the world. You'll finally stop making your living in ways that are not fulfilling that true mission.

In New Year, you'll make your living from your raw, naked soul work that you came here to share with the world. You'll quit hiding behind what is acceptable and practical, yet has gotten you nowhere. Now you'll find the courage to break free of the conventional career choices that have never really worked for you. This year, you'll experience the amazing energy of divine order supporting you in these efforts; because when you make your living from your true gifts and fulfill your soul's mission, the universe lines up to support you abundantly - in spite of any challenges you face.

2. This will be the year that you surrender to your flawless inner guidance system - also known as intuition. Instead of talking yourself out of listening to that powerful wise inner voice, you'll begin to listen only to that inner voice, which provides every answer you need to have a successful, meaningful life. This voice has gotten weaker over the years as you've paid less and less attention to it. Instead, you've let your fear-based monkey mind make your choices.

Now, you'll recognize the difference between powerful intuition and the crazy monkey mind that feeds on problems, worries and weaknesses. This monkey mind has been talking you out of who you really are for as long as you can remember. It has gotten you exactly where you are today - lost, confused and off-path. Learn the difference now between fear and intuition. Fear feels bad in your body. It makes you feel weak and hopeless. Intuition makes you feel strong, powerful, and on purpose.

3. This will be the year that you use your energy to focus on positive solutions, rather than on what's wrong with people and circumstances in your life. You'll ask yourself "How can I use my gifts and skills to empower those around me to be their best selves and live up to their great potentials? And how can I use my gifts to make the world a better place, instead of focusing on what's wrong with everyone and everything?" In New Year, you'll find ways to empower others to their greatness and become a worker for positive change on planet earth. This will be your new, abundantly successful career.

4. This will be the year that you learn to trust your heart rather than your head. Stop thinking and start feeling. Ask yourself "When all else is stripped away and I don't know the answers anymore, who do I find inside?" It's that stripped down, bare-naked self that is your soul, your gift, who you came here to be. Start living from that powerful, passionate place again, and life will unfold to support you abundantly.

5. This will be the year that you heal yourself by lining your life up with your soul's true intention and eliminating "dis-ease." When you're out of alignment with the work you came here to do, it can manifest in physical illness. Recognize that you hold the key to your perfect health, which comes from your soul's deepest longings. Your soul is in charge of your body every second of every day. By tapping into your original intention to live up to your greatest potential, you'll realign with your mission and eliminate "dis-ease" from your life.

6. This will be the year that you become confident of your life's mission. Examine the hidden code inside your birth date, which provides flawless career guidance and is based on the ancient art of numerology. (To learn more about this, read I See Your Dream Job or email Sue@Brilliantwork.com for more info.) By understanding the path you chose for this lifetime as it's illuminated in your date of birth, you'll clearly see why certain career choices have never worked out for you and others are your hidden path to success and happiness.

You outlined this journey before you were born, intending to fulfill your soul's mission through your work. Stop listening to what you "should" do and start doing what you came here to do. You chose the path! Don't disappoint your higher self. Only the voice inside of you knows the answer.

7. This will be the year that you experience the life of joy, abundance and fulfillment you came here to live. This path of meaningful and successful work has been waiting for you since you set foot on planet earth. It's the journey you outlined for yourself. Now that you're clear on your true mission and have taken the steps to realign in this powerful new direction, the universe generously supports your efforts. This new decade is your moment to bring together everything you've learned on your long and painful journey.

Now it's time to surrender to your intuition, accept your great path, do your true work, and boldly make a difference in the world. This is the beginning of the great shift. You're in the middle of it, on purpose. It's what your soul intended. Fearlessly step up to your mission, and don't look back.


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Author and career intuitive Sue Frederick's work has been featured in The New York Times, Real Simple, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, and Self Magazine. She's the author of I See Your Dream Job (St. Martin's Press, 2009). For more info visit www.CareerIntuitive.org or call 303-939-8574.