A Career in EEO/OFCCP Compliance - Is It for You?

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

A Career in EEO/OFCCP Compliance - Is It for You?

When it was enacted over four decades ago, Executive Order 10925 outlined the Government’s commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) hiring, including the requirements government contractors must take to hire "without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin."

Spawning the creation of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, or OFCCP, this governing body’s foundation is promoting diversity in the workforce and EEO practices to ban discrimination, as it applies to federal contractors and subcontractors doing business with the government.

According to the Department of Labor, nearly one in four American workers is employed by a federal contractor, representing close to 200,000 businesses with contracts amounting to $700 billion. And the OFCCP itself employs more than 750 employees nationwide, most of which are Equal Opportunity Specialists.

What is an EEO specialist and is this a job fit for you? Those working in the field of Equal Opportunity Employment monitor and evaluate compliance and EEO laws and corresponding guidelines and policies. They have a solid understanding of and commitment to pursue diversity employment. And their general role is to ensure that EEO guidelines are being met in terms of making jobs available to all individuals regardless of race, religion, color, set, age, disability or national origin.

If you think you might be looking to pursue a career in this field, consider the following job requirements prior to doing so.

  • Interest in, understanding of and the ability to interpret civil rights and laws and precedents governing equal opportunity regulations.
  • Ability to investigate employment practices and violations of laws governing EEO/OFCCP.
  • Human resource and recruiting interest and understanding. An interest and knowledge of personnel and recruiting practices, including recruiting, retaining and overall sourcing of job candidates, as well as all of the benefits and labor regulations required in this role. This may also include meeting with individuals to pursue complaints and settle disputes.
  • Ability to investigate and understand complex issues, as well as problem solving ability.
  • Interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate with diverse groups of individuals.
  • Written and oral communication skills, including preparation of reports and recommendations.

For more information on OFCCP compliance, visit www.americasjobexchange.com.