Does Your Office Space Affect Your Work?

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Does Your Office Space Affect Your Work?

Whether you are confined to a cubicle or an open office, the comfort of your workplace can be directly proportional to the satisfaction and productivity of your work. You may work in an older office, your employer may have had to forego the comforts of office in lieu of saving money, or you simply are not comfortable in your present environment. Whether your office is sparse – or plush - here are some simple tips you can use to make your workspace as comfortable as possible.

Keep your office area tidy. Take a few minutes at the end of your day to clear away clutter. Empty water bottles, get rid of excess items and organize your office. Straighten out pictures, untangle power cords and miscellaneous wires, and do whatever else it takes to have a more coordinated work area. A cluttered and disorderly area will inevitably lead to a cluttered and disorderly mind, increasing stress and decreasing productivity. Also, having an orderly office area always makes a good impression with your boss.

Ask for or invest in ergonomic office equipment. There has been a strong focus on ergonomics and office health over the past few of years, whether applicable to seating, typing, to speaking on the phone. Ask your employer to provide the tools for the most ergonomic workplace, or if they cannot provide you may want to invest in your own. Get a more comfortable chair or an ergonomic keyboard. If you are constantly on the phone, make sure you wear a headset for optimal use. Any of these items will help make you more comfortable throughout your long work-day, thus increasing productivity.

What should you do if your office runs hot and cold? We’ve all been there – one area of the office runs warmer or hotter than the rest. While this may not be an issue your office manager can solve immediately, the best rule of thumb is to make yourself as comfortable as possible and dress for the occasion – while also maintaining professional attire. If you work in a colder area, leave a sweater at your desk – or ask your office manager for a small heater. Conversely, if your area runs too cold on most days, dress in shorter sleeves or lighter clothing, if possible.

Your employer may not always be able immediately address matters that involve the office comfort. Oftentimes it will be up to you to personalize and organize your work area to ensure maximum comfort and productivity. Remember: an organized workplace equals a clear, organized mind.

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