Good Career Choices for Americans with Disabilities

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Good Career Choices for Americans with Disabilities

Securing a job in a down job market is difficult. For Americans with disabilities it can be even more so.

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) levels the playing field for people with any kind of disability. And when it comes to employment, everyone should have the same opportunity available to them if they have the skills to carry out a job function successfully. So, what kind of jobs can a person with a disability look to acquire? Here are some good career choices to consider.

1. Government or Government-subsidized JobsThe Federal government recognizes that individuals with disabilities have a right to full and fair considerations for any job for which they apply. Since the 80s, total disabled Federal employment has remained constant at 7 percent. And most U.S. Government agencies have a special recruiter for disabled people. For information about job availability in a particular agency, you can find a recruiter through the U.S Government’s Selective Placement Program Directory.

If you are an American receiving Social Security, you may also be eligible to apply for Ticket to Work, a government funded program that provides jobs for people with disabilities either within the government or in the private sector. For job seekers who are blind or severely disabled, Ability One is another community based non-profit that provides jobs and services.

2. Call Center Staffing For many employees who operate call centers, they are continually looking for high-quality staffing. Whether working in-house or virtually at home, all you need is a computer and telephone. Most online job boards have a variety of customer service job opportunities available.

3. Work-at-home Jobs Along with customer service, there are many other industries that seek work-at-home employees. This can include technical support, medical transcription and billing, sales, data entry and more. You may also want to consider working as an independent representative or a freelancer. If you have hobbies or special interests, you may be able to develop these into employment opportunities, such as a freelance writer or photographer.

4. Computer Careers Computer-related careers continue to be a growing job market and can be a good career choice for physically disabled people. Careers like computer programmers usually do not require long-term education (many only require online certificates or training) and pay well.

5. Legal Careers From legal secretaries, paralegals to legal assistants, the legal field offers many job opportunities, most of which that do not require physical labor. Some job functions require a two-year degree; however, many require certificate or training programs.

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