Keeping up with Technology at Work

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Keeping up with Technology at Work

When it comes to technology it seems we’re all moving at "warped speed." The past few years, in particular, have brought us an influx of new technologies, making the general convenience of our personal lives grow exponentially, as well as streamlining our professional lives.

With new convenient technology comes better job performance, but also the need for employees to become tech aficionados, expected to be up–to–date on new products and platforms – from web–based applications, social media to smart phones, software and more. Technology is becoming an increasingly more significant part of our day–to–day lives – and jobs, with more advances happening on a seemingly endless basis. So how do you keep up?

The first step is to assess which technologies are being used by those around you, but in particular those which are required for workplace success. Take an inventory of the types of technologies that your business is investing in and are part of your co–workers’ daily jobs.

For instance, social media has practically exploded in the past few years, evolving to its present state in a significantly shorter amount of time. While the first thing that comes to mind when "social media" is mentioned might be websites like Facebook, mainly meant for personal use, employers are using it more frequently to communicate with customers, prospective employees and more. Look at the ways in which your company is using social media, and make sure you are familiar with and understand these applications.

You may also want to regularly check technology sites to keep up with advancements and trends. Today being successful at work is reliant on being able to use the new tech mediums available. Read product reviews. Sign up for daily email alerts from tech publications. Read tech blog sites. These will all help to keep you up–to–date and informed.

Invest in your tech success. Take your understanding of new technologies a step further by participating in training sessions. This could be affordable solutions, such as online webinars, to attending seminars or technology events. If your job involves any type of tech usage, this is an investment that your company will usually cover.

Get to know your IT staff – or any other members of your team that are involved in new technologies that you are interested in pursuing. The best way to adapt to a new technology is to use it on a daily basis. For instance, if you are interested in learning more about new web–based applications, and your job does not require you to use them, ask one of your co–workers to educate you. Or request that you be involved in projects that involve applications you wish to pursue.

Technology will continue to evolve and become a significant part of our daily lives. Staying abreast of all the changes does require some effort – but it’s an investment you cannot afford to make in today’s tech–centric workplace.