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Second in Command

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POST DATE 8/8/2018
END DATE 8/19/2018

FlightSafety Services Corporation Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA
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Full Time
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Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)
High School Diploma or GED


Requisition 12921

Second in Command - Part Time

LR 31/35 Type Preferred


Training Standards Program Activities: (Includes Compliance with regulations and guidelines, and Quality Management System (QMS) policies and procedures; plus contributing to Lesson Planning, Current Material and Set-up, as requested.)

* Act as Second-in-Command (SIC) for clients training in multi-crew aircraft who have come to training without a flying partner. In that capacity, will serve as a competent Second-in-Command and will not be performing instructional duties.

* Maintain SIC pilot qualification in accordance with the requirements of the programs to which he or she is assigned. (See Certification section)

* Maintain SIC qualification in accordance with FlightSafety International s Quality Management Systems (QMS) processes and procedures.

* Keep current all certificates, ratings and designations required to perform duties as an SIC.

* Act as SIC in various types of aircraft for Part 142, Part 135, JAA, and non-FAA clients as required.

* NOTE: Although this position performs no instructional duties, it is vital that all certifications are in a state of readiness so that when the Pilot customer is being trained, and/or undergoing competency testing, the testing perimeters are met in accordance with requirements from the regulatory authority (ies) governing the Customer s training/testing.

* NOTE: In some training programs a PIC is necessary so the client can earn SIC credit. If the SIC is appropriately qualified he/she may be required to serve as PIC in those cases

Training Standards Instructor Assistance Activities: (Includes Compliance with regulations and guidelines, and QMS policies and procedures) * Under the direction of the Program Manager, assist the appropriate Instructor(s) in maintaining all training material (various media forms) in a current state at all times.

* Attend pre-briefings and post-briefings before and after each Simulator event as requested.

* Under the direction of the Program Manager, assist the appropriate Instructor(s) in the preparation of the Flight Simulator and/or briefing room no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the Simulator lesson and/or pre-briefing session.

* Familiarize self with Customer's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Checklists, and Minimum Equipment List (MEL) during training (or prior to training sessions, if possible), so that during training/testing can perform as a competent SIC in support of the Customer s actions.

* Under the direction of the Program Manager, assist the appropriate Instructor(s) in keeping all publications used in Simulator training current.

* Attend scheduled Instructor meetings in order to be up-to-date with training environment.

* If career pathing toward instructor certification: Under supervision/guidance of PM/DOT attain FlightSafety International established standards of instructional delivery with corresponding levels of subject knowledge.

Daily Responsibilities:

* Maintain FlightSafety International's commitment to Customer satisfaction while performing job duties.

* Interact within a cooperative environment through beneficial behavior, commitment to common goals, contribution to problem solving, communication of ideas and suggestions, and encouragement to other employees and departments.

* Accountable for the security of FlightSafety International materials, projects and business information regarding the methods and techniques used in the production and usage of FlightSafety International products.

* Accountable for the accuracy and completeness of assigned tasks.

* Adhere to a required work schedule including prompt and regular attendance.

* Report, on a timely basis, any safety hazards observed in work area, equipment, and/or building to appropriate person(s) for correction.

* Participate in the Quality Management System (QMS) activities at assigned site and adhere to the processes related to accomplishing the site's QMS goals.

* Support FlightSafety International's, and its subsidiaries', commitment to ethical behavior by basing our priorities on lawful and ethical conduct as we deal with co-workers, Customers, vendors and others in all of our operations. (See Sarbanes- Oxley Act of 2002)

Other Duties And Responsibilities:

* Prioritize workflow on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

* Attend, facilitate and/or research training to increase skills applicable to job position and workplace issues

* Travel in conjunction with assigned duties, if required

* Assist Subject Matter Experts if so assigned

* Additional projects could include QMS Auditing, Center Inventory, Aircraft Manual Updates, etc., according to scheduling duties as decided by the PM or Director of Training (DOT).

* Other duties may be assigned by the Program Manager


* High school diploma or Certificate of High School Equivalency (G.E.D. - demonstrated satisfactory performance in the General Educational Development Testing Program) with two to three (2-3) years' related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Prior to SIC duties: the applicant for SIC must have the following certificates in his/her possession prior to the start of an assignment as an SIC;

Commercial Pilot Certificate with appropriate category, class and instrument ratings; minimum of 450 hours

After hiring, the SIC must complete the following:

a) In-Processing and Orientation, as documented in the Instructor Training File (ITF)

b) General and Administrative Training

c) Aircraft-Specific Ground and Simulator Training


* Excellent fluency in English, through both verbal and written communications; able to speak, understand, read and write.

* Excellent cockpit verbal communication skills

* Ability to interact with various Customers in a professional manner

* Ability to adapt to changing schedules and high-pressure situations

* A second language may be required in some Learning Centers to meet particular needs.

* General knowledge of the following software: MS Office; MS Access, preferred

* Other software programs may be required, as needed.

FlightSafety is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Vet/Disabled.