Finding a Job for Veterans


Utilizing the web should be a core component of any job search strategy. The web is peppered with scores of job sites, referral tools, and networking sites that can help. And because many of these are targeted to niche audiences (like veterans), they provide job seekers access to all the resources they may need to find a job.

If you are embarking on a job search, here are several strategies you should utilize today.

Focus on Veteran’s Job Boards

  • There are countless job search engines and this can lead to wasted time just conducting online searches. Your best bet is to focus on job boards specifically targeted to veterans. Our Veterans Job Exchange (VJE) is a searchable jobs board aimed at former service members seeking work. VJE offers a diverse network of job sites which will connect you with employers looking for candidates with your unique qualifications. You can search jobs, create and post your resume, or find valuable information on the best way to transition from a military job to a civilian one.
  • Another online job board you will want to utilize is state–level Career One Stop centers. Again, they offer jobs targeted to the veteran community, including disabled veterans and women veterans. Here you can search for job listings that will use your military experience. Career One Stop centers also provide resources including information on unemployment benefits and other levels of assistance for transitioning veterans.

Outline a Daily Job Search Plan

  • You can spend countless hours getting distracted when online. To ensure that you stay focused on your search, the best strategy is to create a daily schedule. Carve out a few hours a day on searching and apply for jobs. After you’ve accumulated a list of jobs, spend the remainder of your allotted time completing each application. This may involve a refresh of your resume for each job posting you are applying to, as well as updates to your cover letter.
  • You will want to keep detailed notes. Every time you apply for a job, make a note of it in a spreadsheet. Write down the job name, the date you applied, and the hiring manager listed, if available. As interviews commence, take note of directions, first impressions, and any homework you need to complete in case you snag a second interview. Keeping organized in this manner will help you be prepared for each opportunity.
  • Even when applying for a job online, you should still follow–up. Consider sending a note to a recruiter, if listed – or call the company and inquire about the open position. This level of follow–up can often give you an advantage over other candidates.

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