Homeless Assistance for Veterans

Veterans face numerous challenges when they leave active service, including health and re–employment issues, and many of these can impact their ability to maintain their home. Access the resources below if you are a homeless veteran or at–risk of losing your home. Several federal programs provide housing assistance for homeless Veterans and their families. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and VA Supportive Housing Program (HUD–VASH) have partnered to provide housing and treatment services for homeless Veterans.

  • For Homeless Veterans – The VA’s National Call Center for Homeless Veterans (1–877–ndash;4AID–VET) provides trained VA responders to assist veterans who are homeless. Along with its hotline, there are various programs the VA offers, including access to safe housing, health care and mental health services. For more information on resources for homeless veterans, visit here.
  • For At–Risk Veterans – For veterans who are at risk of losing their home, have issues with finding a job or have a health–related issue, contact the VA at 1–877–4AID–VET (1–877–424–3838). They offer a range of programs including healthcare and employment assistant to help prevent the loss of your house. For more information, visit here.
  • For Women Veterans and Their Families – Women veterans are at greater risk for becoming homeless, and as a result the VA has focused programs to provide housing through housing vouchers, and heath care targeted specifically at women vets. For more information on the programs for women veterans and their families, visit here.